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fun performance - a brand of ProjectWorkers

We are an agency for marketing and Merchandising. In the course of these activities our graphic artists and product developers are occupied together with our trend scouts always with new ideas and products for our customers and us.

for famous enterprises, sports teams and artists we create not only Corporate Fashion, team clothes and Merchandisingartikel, a large part is made directly with us in the house or by our European partners. We support the local service branch and place on lasting textiles and materials, whenever it is possible. Only if it does not go differently or our customers exist explicitly on it, we buy the articles at the international market in addition.

We are good to the environment, take part actively in the binary system and try to produce so with lasting effect as possible, buy respectively article with priority from German or European manufacturers from fair and lasting production.

We offer our products about this Internet platform and on well-chosen fairs to the sales.

searching you individualised article or textiles for your enterprise?
Then you are also right with tiny amounts with us.
We please us about you.

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