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Best results on the track and perfect satisfaction with your fans?

As a successful racing driver, owning a merchandising line is just an essential part of the driver package. In addition, it's an excellent way to increase your fan reputation and not leave any extra income on the road.

guide me directly to the money


We can create your individual design or use everything you have

Your merchandising line starter package:

merchandising line starter package

FAN T-Shirt
with your individudial design

The absolutely necessary FAN-Shirt!
High quality with a professional front print of your racecar and your printed autograph on the neck.

In the ordinary standard sizes.

The indispensable basecap

Multi-colored fabric with contrasting elements, with high-quality print of your individual car number design on the front panels and your autograph at the frontcap.

The classic merchandising may not be missing in your collection!

For your fans - The original car sticker

So your fans show their affection on their car!
With your individual car number design and an autograph on high-quality, colorful and redetachable vinyl foil.

A favorite accessory for fans.

Premium American Key-Lanyard

Will quickly become a cult object with your fans!

On the front of your individual number design is impressively set in scene, the back carries your autograph.

Clearer, your fans can not show their affection.

Let´s talk about business

Your own online shop and all services that are necessary for the sales, shipping and payment process with your fans, you will get from us for free*! This applies to the entire time of our cooperation! Guaranteed!
We produce all your merchandising products with our partners at a very interesting price and thus make extremely attractive margins possible.

You pay only 5,000 EUR production costs for the starter package of your merchandising items. We sell and ship these items to your fans, (*) we deduct only a small sales commission for this service.

You do not have your own brand design? No problem, for a cheap one-time payment of 900 EUR, we create you such a design that will be used on your merchandising articles.

Sounds like a plan? Let's make a deal!

Contact us and you will receive your individual cooperation offer at short notice by e-mail.

And by the way, if you like other merchandising items in your starter package, contact us. We can produce just about anything you can imagine.


ProjectWorkers, Ruhlsdorfer Str. 95, 14532 Stahnsdorf
+49 (3329) 6984667

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